ABS EXPRESS Sun 10:25AM Sign Up for Next Session to Start 4/28 HERESummerShape

The next 8-week session of our 25min Abs Xpress will begin Sunday April 28, 2019. This will run for 8-consecutive weeks, until June 16, 2019. Enough sign-ups are required to put this class on the schedule, so register HERE today or in classes this week. The 8-week session will be be just $40= just $5/class. If you cannot commit for the entire session, but want to come and work your abs out on Sundays whenever you can, the walk in cost is just $7/class. This is really good for anyone who wants to work on their six pack and tighten and tone their mid-section.

Don’t worry if you missed any or even all of the first classes- you can jump in anytime! For this class you’ll need to bring a yoga mat and get ready to work your abs from top to bottom to some fun music! Doing abdominal exercises has never been this much fun- the time flies while you will feel them working like you’d never be able to on your own!:)