Don’t Gain for the Holidays

  1. Keep Off the Holiday Pounds by Exercising Before Indulging:)
  2. The holidays are a time for indulgent feasts and parties with bountiful calorie-rich snacks and alcohol too. That’s great, but if you want to keep off the resulting holiday weight gain, it’s best to prepare. 

    It can be hard to stay motivated enough to fit in your regular Zumba classes while preparing for the Holidays

    , but whatever you do, DON’T stop exercising now with the intention of picking it back up at a later time! Maintaining the momentum of your regular exercise routine is much easier than trying to re-establish it again at a later date. In addition, de-training does occur quite rapidly and it’s always better to shift to maintenance workouts than to stop altogether and lose some of the benefits that you’ve worked so hard to gain.Although it’s tempting to throw exercise by the wayside, especially when the holidays place even more demands on already hectic schedules, continue to make it a priority. Exercise can be a valuable tool to fight the difficulties of the coming season. Check out some of the benefits: 

    Holiday Weight Gain
    Research has shown that the holidays are a high risk time period for gaining weight. Two primary ways in which exercise can combat this risk is by 1) expending calories and contributing to a negative caloric balance, and 2) maintaining muscle mass and thereby sustaining metabolic rate.

    Holiday Stress
    The holiday season, although typically joyous, does bring stress along with it … added shopping, increased food preparation, house guests and frequent visitors, financial stress, more demands on our time, and simply a change in schedule all amount to increased stress. Change, whether it is good or bad, equates to stress. Exercise reduces stress by releasing “feel good” endorphins. In addition, it provides an outlet to release built-up stress that, if left to its own accord, can often lead to overeating.

    Seasonal Depression
    As we approach the winter solstice, the season chips away at our daylight hours. For many people, this can lead to varying degrees of seasonal depression. Although exercise can’t make the days longer, it can reduce depressive symptoms and elevate mood. Performing an outdoor workout at the noon hour provides additional benefits by increasing sunlight exposure.

    Exercise Provides Structure
    A primary benefit of maintaining your exercise routine is the addition of structure to your day. One of the main culprits associated with stress, depression, and weight gain is a reduction in structure within our daily routines. By maintaining your regular exercise routine in the face of the upcoming demands, you are providing stability and comfort to yourself. Daily routines help us stay on track with our food intake, stabilize our circadian rhythms, aid in maintenance of sleep schedules, and provide a stable backdrop to our day — thereby offering a framework in which we can prioritize the demands put upon us.

    In the hectic days ahead, don’t forget to give yourself the gift of exercise! Hope to see You at Zumba our regular Zumba and Zumba Toning Classes:)! Zumba Love and Happy Holiday Season to Everyone!!

Maps / Directions to Class

Directions to Zumba Get Fit at Vitti’s Dance Studio

10 Precision Road, Danbury CT

From 84, Take exit 3, make a left to go past the Mall, you will pass Toys R Us and make a Right at the lights to Kenosia Avenue. Then make a Right at the first light to Precision St . Drive down to the end of the street, Vitti’s is in the last building on the left (white), on the second floor. Call me: 914.282.5090 if you have trouble finding us. Welcome!


Directions to Molly Darcy

39 Mill Plain Rd # A, Danbury CT

Molly Darcy Restaurant/Pub is located between exits 4 and 2 on Mill Plain Road, across the street from New York Sports Club. Parking is ample in the parking lot. Call me: 914.282.5090 if you have trouble finding us. Welcome!


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Everyone! Everyone, and anyone who has an interest in exercise, a love for music, and a positive outlook on life, or who is in need of some positive energy!:) You can’t but smile when you’re dancing- and you can’t dance unhappy, so life always looks brighter even on the rainiest of days, when you’re jumping and shaking around to some tantalizing beats. And when you Zumba(R), you sweat like crazy and burn hundreds of calories and leave the class feeling exhilarated! No experience necessary, all fitness levels welcome!!!

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Walk-ins always welcome, no commitment necessary, come and see if Zumba(R) is right for You! Pay as you go or purchase packages, whatever works for YOU:)! Feel free to contact me with any questions:) Welcome! No Memberships, No Commitment Necessary for ZumbaGetFit Classes!:)

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Fun While Exercising


I get bored very easily, in most things I do, workouts being one of them. I like a wide variety of exercise programs, classes, weight training routines etc to keep me motivated, and having fun. Out of all the classes and routines I’ve tried throughout the years,  Zumba is by far my favorite!

I know we’re all different and what works for me may night be the right choice for you. I suggest you try a few different styles of workouts and choose the best regimen for you. If you like to dance and have fun, Zumba is the best choice! You don’t have to have any dance or workout experience when you walk into a Zumba class. As long as you’re in ok physical health, wearing sneakers and a smile- that’s really all you need! You will get an hour of intense cardio exercise just by moving to the beat, following your instructor (me:) and enjoying yourself, with it never feeling like a workout. You will workout at your own fitness-level, and there is no commitment, you are always welcome to walk into my class, and see if Zumba is right for You.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off, is to find a workout regimen that you enjoy!  That way you will get the benefits of exercising and burning calories, while doing something that makes you happy. Time flies and weight comes off when you Zumba. You will leave each class energetic and already planning for the next time you can come back!