I’m so happy to announce we raised over $1K for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society between our Zumbathon at the end of March and the generous donations following the event. A Special Thanks to my co-leaders Ashley & Karen!



_____________________________________________________________________________Many thanks to Everyone who took time out of their busy lives to celebrate the Holiday Season with me!


Our 2014 Zumbathon held on 11/30 for was a bit Hit! I’m happy to announce we raised $510.00 to go directly to Alzheimer’s Association!

You may continue to Help Make Memories by donating directly to Alzheimer’s Association HERE .
You may view a tidbit of Our Energy at this event, HERE.

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Newcomers always welcomed for $5, no commitment- just FUN!!~ ♥ Annette

Come Party Yourself Into Shape!!!

Who is it for?

Everyone! Everyone, and anyone who has an interest in exercise, a love for music, and a positive outlook on life, or who is in need of some positive energy!:) You can’t but smile when you’re dancing- and you can’t dance unhappy, so life always looks brighter even on the rainiest of days, when you’re jumping and shaking around to some tantalizing beats. And when you Zumba(R), you sweat like crazy and burn hundreds of calories and leave the class feeling exhilarated! No experience necessary, all fitness levels welcome!!!

No Memberships, no commitment, just come Zumba(R) and have Fun!

Walk-ins always welcome, no commitment necessary, come and see if Zumba(R) is right for You! Pay as you go or purchase packages, whatever works for YOU:)! Feel free to contact me with any questions:) Welcome! No Memberships, No Commitment Necessary for ZumbaGetFit Classes!:)

Hope you enjoy your journey in ZumbaGetFit.com!

By visiting my site, you are already on your way to the Zumba(R) Transformation; a new, healthier, happier You! Once you begin the Zumba(R) program you will soon after  begin to see a positive change  in your attitude as well as your body. I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you and guiding you along the way to the best of my ability. Welcome to Zumba(R) Come get Fit with Zumba(R) Get Fit!!!

Zumba® Love, Annette- Licensed  Zumba® and Zumbatomic® Instructor, and Member oF ZIN

Fun While Exercising


I get bored very easily, in most things I do, workouts being one of them. I like a wide variety of exercise programs, classes, weight training routines etc to keep me motivated, and having fun. Out of all the classes and routines I’ve tried throughout the years,  Zumba is by far my favorite!

I know we’re all different and what works for me may night be the right choice for you. I suggest you try a few different styles of workouts and choose the best regimen for you. If you like to dance and have fun, Zumba is the best choice! You don’t have to have any dance or workout experience when you walk into a Zumba class. As long as you’re in ok physical health, wearing sneakers and a smile- that’s really all you need! You will get an hour of intense cardio exercise just by moving to the beat, following your instructor (me:) and enjoying yourself, with it never feeling like a workout. You will workout at your own fitness-level, and there is no commitment, you are always welcome to walk into my class, and see if Zumba is right for You.

The key to losing weight and keeping it off, is to find a workout regimen that you enjoy!  That way you will get the benefits of exercising and burning calories, while doing something that makes you happy. Time flies and weight comes off when you Zumba. You will leave each class energetic and already planning for the next time you can come back!