Zumba Toning

We’ve added Zumba Toning to our weekly schedule!!!

Toning sticks: If you need to purchase toning sticks (highly recommended), please contact me and let me know you are interested in ordering them. You may use a 1-3 lb. weight but if you use hand weights you MAY NOT shake them – this is for your own safety and injury prevention. Also if you do bring regular 1-3lb handweights, they must be round cornered, rubbery material, not to make marks on the new dance floor. (This is not a weightlifting class, and the moves are designed for the Zumba toning sticks so I recommend using them.)

Zumba Toning FAQs 
What do I need to bring to Zumba Toning?
If it’s your first time to Zumba Toning, and you just want to try it out first, I would suggest bringing a 1 or 2 lb. hand held weight, no metal weights (not to scratch the floor). Toning sticks are best because the weight in them moves with you, not to hurt your joints, where as dumbbells are dead weight and there is a risk of injury with the kinds of movements we do in a Zumba Toning class.  I do have a few pairs of 1-1.5 lb. toning sticks available for borrowing for the class, and may have some for purchase as well, but depending on class size, and number of participants coming to class without them, it is not guaranteed that we have enough.

What about Zumba Toning Sticks?

Two different sets are available at the moment in the Zumba shop. 1 lb. toning sticks are $20, and 2.5 lb. toning sticks are $25. I suggest that you take class with the 1lb toning sticks first. Once you have acquired good form and are sure you need more of a challenge, talk to me about the 2.5 lb. sticks.

What is the difference between Zumba Fitness and Zumba Toning?
Zumba Fitness is mostly a cardiovascular class with some toning, but Zumba Toning is a muscular endurance plus cardiovascular class which can blast many more calories and challenge your body in new ways. The Zumba Toning party is different than that of regular Zumba Fitness classes, but you will definitely feel the burn!

Worried about “bulking up?
It’s nearly impossible bulk up without doing it on purpose. You won’t bulk up in Zumba Toning.

What if I don’t have any weight-lifting experience?
During the Toning class format, I will give you easy-to-understand, plain English cues to improve and perfect your form, giving you the best possible workout. I will guide you verbally to correct form, Zumba toning is not non-verbal as a regular Zumba class is. I will not point you out, however, as I will give the cue to the entire class when I see that correction is needed.

What areas are worked on in Zumba Toning?
In Zumba Toning, we focus a lot on the upper body: the chest, back, arms, but of course we also hit up the abdominals, obliques, and we burn up the legs too!

Are there any special considerations for taking a Zumba Toning class?
For Zumba Toning, you may want to have taken regular Zumba with me before so that you are familiar with many of the steps.

Do I have to register in advance to take a Zumba Toning class?
Currently, no, although you may have to in the future as class sizes grow, because the instructor has to monitor for safety and form more specifically than in regular Zumba.