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Zumbathon for MS 2016

What a Beautiful Morning we spent dancing together at the Studio for National MS Society Sunday May 1st!

Energy was awesome and my co-leaders, Suzanne and Ashley were wonderful as always! Thank You Ladies! Although many were not able to attend, they still donated as well to help raise the total to a whopping $1,209!! Thank You for Your continued support for me, and to the NMSS to end MS altogether! As many of you know, I was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago, so this is a cause especially close to my heart. 

Donate Directly to National Multiple Sclerosis Society HERE 

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Is Zumba® Right for You?

You’ve probably heard of Zumba® from your friends and maybe seen an infomercial or two about this fun exercise program. If, however,  you’re still hesitant to come and give it a try please read on.

I get bored very easily, in most things I do, workouts being one of them. I like a wide variety of exercise programs, classes, weight training routines etc to keep me motivated, and having fun. Out of all the classes and routines I’ve tried throughout the years,  Zumba and Zumba Toning are by far my favorite!

I have had quite a few skeptics come for their first Zumba class,  dragged into class by friends and co-workers only to tell me how much fun they had and asking me about the next class they can attend. If you like music and having fun, come give it a whirl. No previous workout or dance experience is needed, you will catch on and the more classes you attend, the more calories you will begin to burn as you can really go all in if you like! As long as you don’t have any major medical issues currently bothering you, and bring a pair of sneakers, wear comfortable clothes to move in you’re good to go! The most stressful day quickly turns into the best when you begin to move to the music and you’re sure to be smiling and fully energized, ready to take on the world before the hour has flown by!

At my classes, You will get an hour of intense calorie-torching cardio exercise (while going at your own pace) just by moving to the beat, following along and enjoying yourself. You will move at your own fitness-level, no-one will be looking at you or judging you at any point. All eyes are on me, and everyone is there for the same thing: to dance into their best shape, while de-stressing and having Fun!  You are always welcome to walk into any of  my classes, and see if Zumba is right for You, no commitment necessary- you have nothing to loose, but maybe some extra pounds:)!

The key to losing weight and keeping it off, is to find a workout regimen that you enjoy!  That way you will get the benefits of exercising and burning calories, while doing something that makes you happy. Time flies and weight comes off when you Zumba with me. You will leave each class energetic and feeling good about yourself and perhaps already planning for the next time you can come back! Don’t waist another day, or week procrastinating- come do the best thing for your body can do for just $5, come Zumba with me today!